Reflection on Hands

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Reflection on Hands

from the Cherokee Feast of Days

"Our hands tell who we are. They are believed to be perfect subjects of the mind. As physical labor shows in the callouses on our palms, so does gentleness or greediness or strength. Nothing else expresses human behavior in so many ways. With our hands, we work, play, love, threaten, show joy or grief. Sensitive symbols of faith and friendship, our hands draw to us everything and everyone we love. Marvelously made and directed by the mind's eye, the mind's ear, and the heart's desire, our hands continually express our lives. An abusive hand is from an abusive mind. But the gentle touch does exist - even for those who have yet to experience it. What words cannot say, the hands can express with all tenderness and love.

Now we shake hands and make peace..."
                                                                                        Spotted Tail
Photo of Marcia by Rebecca Unger